Echo Social: Ethics, Commitment and Responsibility

Contributing to a sustainable country, with clean energy generation and a low impact on the environment from its implementation and operation is part of the Echoenergia commitment which, in addition to legal obligations, acts with the proposal of creating paths of transformation and a direct impact on the development of the neighboring communities of its wind farms.

In line with its mission, the socio-economic and environmental programs and projects implemented by Echoenergia focus on the preservation of natural resources, the local ecosystem and, above all, the wellbeing of residents.

Reflecting the values ​​and principles that govern the institutional conduct of the organization starting from the relationship with its collaborators and stakeholders, the projects are based on an ethical stance and from the construction of an environment of trust, transparency and appreciation of local potential – natural and human, and are structured working on the engagement and participatory community development, where actions are geared to the needs of each region, and implemented in constant dialogue with the community.

Winds that transform

Within its line of socio-environmental responsibility, Echoenergia’s social branch manages to strengthen networking and interaction with the beneficiary community, promoting activities focused on three primary pillars of action in the best sense of enhancing the “force of the winds” and renewable energies in a sustainable and self-sustaining manner:

1. Winds that transform: Education

The actions include improvements in public spaces, training and motivation for the continuity of activities, mainly through local public schools. Educational projects in surrounding communities receive investments ranging from improving infrastructure to accessing quality education through continuing education and training.

In order to stimulate educational processes and open up opportunities for professional qualification, actions are promoted to encourage the engagement of the entire school community, which becomes an active part of the multiplication of activities within schools and the curricular activities to encourage reading, environmental education, health prevention and even specialized services, emphasizing practical activities with sustainability actions.

2. Winds that transform: Solidarity Economy

The proposals add opportunities for generating income and the promotion of production chains that already show important potential in the region, such as family farming, carpentry, sewing and fish farming.

With the preservation of local values ​​and traditions in the cities where the enterprises are located, solidarity economy actions enable social inclusion and the economic autonomy of families, indicating alternatives for subsistence for young people and improvement of the quality of life of the residents in the region, with support for independent management of the initiatives and even business plans.

3. Winds that transform: Water Balance

Access to drinking water with drilling of deep wells and subsidies for the sustainable use of local water resources are one of the concerns dealt with in the water balance actions, as well as generating income in the projects implemented by Echoenergia.

The projects seek to enable access to quality water for the population through the recovery and drilling of wells with grants, as well as the construction of fountains and cisterns – including schools, bringing benefits both to the local agricultural production and the health of the neighboring residents of the wind farm.

Social Projects

Discover some of the social projects that are already being implemented by Echoenergia below:

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