Security in 1st Place

We prioritize safety above any other objective

The safety of Echoenergia’s people and installations is non-negotiable.
As a way to consolidate this concept, Safety was defined as one of the Values ​​ of the company.

EHS Commitments

Each Echoenergia operation must have properly designed and documented management systems that meet all of the company's established expectations. The management system is developed in order to meet all the stages of our projects:

  • Analyze the health, safety and environmental clauses before signing a contract with partners;

  • Implementation of Environmental Zoning (Diagnostic: Physical, Biotic and Social);

  • Check with the competent authorities (e.g. IPHAN and FUNAI) to initiate the diagnostic study (Preliminary License) and prospecting (Installation License) of possible archaeological sites or interference in the indigenous reserve of the project (Park and Transmission Line);

  • Survey of the whole List of basic documents for environmental licensing (RAS, EIA/RIMA, Previous License, RDPA, PBA and Installation License);

  • Participation in the Technical Meeting (Community, Public Bodies, Environmental Consultancy).

  • Ensure that contracted companies have all pertinent documentation on health and safety at work, in accordance with current legislation;

  • Ensure that at the end of the construction, the legal requirements for health, safety and the environment have been met;

  • Compliance with the Conditions of the Installation License, including the main actions:

  • Implementation of mitigation measures, Monitoring and Follow-up of Environmental Plans and programs, according to RAS and/or EIA/RIMA;

  • Assisting in the demobilization of areas occupied by the Construction Site and possible recovery of Degraded areas for these purposes and the lung area;

  • Compliance with Legislation (Authorization, Licensed Reservoir, Mineral Material and Suppression of Vegetation);

  • Rescue of wild animals by a trained technical team during the execution of the Suppression of Native Vegetation.

  • Establish an integrated management plan between the Environment, Social and Property areas;

  • Manage the Operating License granted and other licenses in the Operation Phase, execution schedule, delivery of reports and other actions pertinent to the beginning of the activities;

  • Search for partners and suppliers in the market that meet the company's procedures and legal EHS requirements;

  • Conduct health and safety planning according to current legislation and guided by the EHS policy.

Preserving the Environment, caring for the Health and Safety of People.

EHS in Echoenergia


EHS Programs




1. EHS in Echoenergia

We manage the health and safety hazards as well as the environmental aspects of our operations, always seeking continuous improvement in the safety of our processes. Actions are planned and monitored to avoid exposure of the worker and the environment. We comply with applicable laws and other regulatory requirements relating to our operations.

We promote the awareness of our employees about health, safety and environmental issues through training in order to act in accordance with our EHS Policy, programs and routines. We also expect high environmental, occupational health and safety standards from our partners.

2. EHS Programs

We understand that each individual should be responsible for recognizing and correcting unsafe behavior or conditions. This includes meeting key health, safety and environmental expectations. We consider these absolute expectations because a violation can result in serious accidents.

EHS expectations require that employees, service providers and partners follow theestablished procedures:

Hazardous Energy Control/Blocking:

We use established power control/blocking procedures when performing operation and maintenance activities.

Work Permits and Specialized Safety Procedures for High-Risk Activities:

We use work permits, follow all special safety procedures during hot works, entering confined spaces, working on energized electrical devices, working at heights, lifting loads and other high-risk activities. Only trained and authorized personnel perform such activities.

Contractor Management:

Definition of the procedures to be followed by contractors and partners when carrying out work/activities at the Echoenergia premises, promoting the protection of people, machines, facilities and the environment.

Accident and Event Reports:

We report unsafe conditions, behaviors, near misses and all accidents with people and the environment - no matter how small. This ensures proper assessment and implementation of processes to prevent similar accidents or conditions from occurring in the future.

Solid Waste Management Program:

aims to solve the separation, disposal and proper destination of the waste generated at the company's enterprises. As a result, we are assured that solid waste will be handled correctly and will have correct disposal and treatment in accordance with the environmental laws in force in the country, minimizing potential damage to the environment and health.

Erosive Process Monitoring Program:

The action aims to identify the locations most prone to erosion in order for control, prevention and protection measures to be applied. The measures are performed through the maintenance of the sides of the access points and platforms of the wind farms.

Noise Monitoring Program:

With the advancement of wind turbine technology, noise emissions from wind farms are currently low in intensity. However, an assessment of noise levels at relevant points is necessary.

Health Program of the Neighboring Populations to the Enterprise:

In the phase of operation of a wind farm complex, although the proposed activity does not cause direct impacts to neighboring communities, actions are performed to monitor the health of the resident population in the areas closest to the wind turbines, for early detection of situations of risk to the health of the people with a view to the application of mitigating measures.

Emergency Response Program (PAE):

The PAE was designed to allow the adoption of efficient procedures and guidelines to be followed by employees, visitors and neighboring communities in emergency situations such as accidents, incidents and external threats. As such, we can protect life and property.

Deactivation and Demobilization Program of the Enterprise:

This program will take place during the planned stages in the dismantling and deactivation of the wind farms at the end of the concession period, in addition to the final destination of the wind turbine components. The implementation actions of this program will be executed during the final period of operation.

Asset Signaling and Surveillance Program:

The actions of this program are implemented according to the general and specific risks identified in the analysis of the planning of the activities that involve the maintenance and operation of the enterprises.

Risk Management Program:

This program has the objective of mapping all the risks of the enterprises and thus defining measures to eliminate them or to control them.

Wildlife Monitoring Program:

The activities of the Wildlife Monitoring Program are carried out by the team of specialist biologists from Echoenergia and include monitoring of bird and bat populations.

During monitoring, data is recorded on the numbers of species, abundance of individuals, places of occurrence, among others. In this way, it is possible to analyze the impacts of the enterprise on the fauna that inhabits the Caatinga region.

Degraded Area Recovery Program:

Thinking about the future, Echoenergia concentrates its actions in the present through the planting of more than 5,000 seedlings of native species in the Caatinga. This is an attempt to recompose of the natural landscape, protect biodiversity and natural resources available through techniques developed by professionals specialized in the recovery and enrichment of the Caatinga forest coverage.

3. EHS Routines

Echoenergia seeks to conduct its operations in a manner compatible withthe environmental and social needs of the communities in which we operate.

At the same time, we focus on protecting and caring for the health of our employees and partners involved in our operations.

Safety Dialogue

This is intended to make employees aware of health, safety and the environment aspects involving their daily activities.

Safety Blitz

The goal is to alert drivers about traffic safety.


Any activities undertaken in our operations are inspected, seeking the correction of possible deviations.

Environmental education

In order to promote environmental awareness in the vicinity of our projects, Echoenergy conducts the development of lectures / workshops in schools and associations, as well as campaigns to stimulate the implementation of sustainable practices in communities in general.

Contractor Management

During the development of activities at our facilities, all Echoenergy teams become responsible for monitoring and observing contractor activities in order to ensure that activities are performed to the required standards.

EHS POLICY The EHS Policy was elaborated based on Safety in 1st Place, in which Echoenergia is committed to conducting its operations in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner, promoting the health of our employees, customers, the community and the environment..

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