We focus on ethical and transparent relationships

Preserving human relations, health and encouraging the development of its employees are premises of Echoenergia.

The company stands out in the renewable energy generation market due to the high technology implemented in its projects and the technical qualification of its collaborators. To preserve the highest standards, it has permanent attention to the ethical conduct of all involved in its projects.

The principles of socio-environmental responsibility comprises the basis of Echoenergia’s relations. As a company that generates energy from clean sources, the commitment to the environmental, social and economic development of the country is a permanent objective. Preserving human relations, health and encouraging the development of people are other principles of the company.

Echoenergia believes that maintaining an ethical and transparent relationship with employees, customers, communities, suppliers, regulatory authorities, institutions, governments, press and shareholders is the best way to keep the business efficient and preserve all environments in a sustainable way.

We have an open Ombudsman channel to receive and investigate cases of non-compliance with its Ethics and Conduct Code, which also acts as an open channel to address questions, suggestions, compliments and critics, enhancing our internal processes and relationships.


The Onbudsman channel deals with technical and behavioral issues brought to its knowledge, whether through employees, third parties, suppliers, partners and the community.