Good practices in maintaining wind farms are essential if turbine availability is to be as high as possible. With the turbines available, all of the wind that could generate power is used.

Maintenance can basically be classified in two categories:

  • Preventive
  • Corrective

And it takes place in different elements of the wind farms:

  • Wind Turbines
  • Electrical and civil BoP (Balance of Plant)

Preventive maintenance takes place in cycles provided in the technical specifications of each turbine model and each electrical component of the transmission networks and sub-stations of the wind farms.

The optimization of preventive maintenance occurs in the combination of such, using every single minute of turbines outage to maximize the execution of the maintenances required. Furthermore, these outages are scheduled in periods with less wind (usually during the day and in the first half of the year). Thus, the volume of energy that is lost during these maintenance periods is as low as possible.

Corrective maintenances occur when a component of the turbine or BoP fails, causing a loss of generation in the period of unavailability until the intervention is conducted and corrective actions are taken. As such, corrective maintenances are more difficult to plan, and should be minimized as much as possible.

Spare parts, equipment and a team of skilled technicians are key elements for the MTTR (mean time to repair) to be as small as possible on wind farms.

All these activities must be done with maximum safety, which requires an adequate level of control and tracking. For this, any action at the wind farms requires clearance given by the CoG (Generation Operation Center), in the form of SOs (Service Orders).

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