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Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are recognised by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance as a tool to document electricity consumption from renewable energy sources.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can buy renewable energy certificates (also known as or RECs). RECs represent electricity generated by renewable energy sources such as our wind power facilities. Any corporation, business, nonprofit, or individual concerned about their carbon footprint can purchase RECs to ensure that their electricity is coming from renewable energy

Echoenergia is proud to have wind power complexes certified for RECs issuance


“internationally recognized, tradable and reliable electricity attribute tracking certificates (RECs)”

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A REC is created when a renewable energy generator supplies 1 MWh to the grid"

RECs are issued and certified by government or third-party issuers - In Brazil, TOTUM institute is the local certificate issuer and representative of the I-REC Standard"

All certificates are registered in a central registry (i-REC)"

Electricity users can prove renewable origin in a way that is recognizes internationally"

Where we generate our energy

Our projects are located in 4 states of northeastern Brazil. A region known for its dry climate, which has one of the best resources in the world for wind power generation

Certified Wind Power Complexes

Discover our Social Projects

REC Brazil certification requires high social and environmental standards from wind farms in to be issued. Discover some of the social projects that are already being implemented by Echoenergia

In line with its mission, the socio-economic and environmental programs and projects implemented by Echoenergia focus on the preservation of natural resources, the local ecosystem and, above all, the wellbeing of residents.